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Looking for design inspiration and help? Discover art and décor ideas for any room style, shop our guest curators' collections and learn about compelling art, artists and causes.


Surround your TV with art
for inspired viewing.

Stagger the art
Select strong pieces
Sky-high art
Vary sizes and shapes
Stagger the art to allow your gallery wall to grow over time.
High ceilings? If your TV is not too big, place larger artworks above it a bit higher than normal.
Select strong pieces that hold their own next to the TV. Choose frames that match the look of the monitor. In this case, black ones popped with white mats hold the arrangement together.
Treat the TV as just another rectangle and surround with art both small and large to create balance.


High-traffic spaces are perfect
for high impact art.

Choose a theme
Turn the corner
Begin at the centre
Keep artworks in place
Choose a theme to create a cohesive look. In this case, portraits are a fun twist on traditional
family photos.
If your stairs include a landing, hang pieces close together and let the gallery continue onto the
next wall.
Begin at the centre and work your way up and down following the diagonal of the steps. Keep artworks at eye level. For hanging height, place centre of each artwork about one and a half metres above each step.
Secure art to wall with a small square of double-sided foam tape.


Experiment with
unexpected placements.

Switch it up
Art as accessory
Add height
Hello, floor!
Rotate your art to suit any mood or occasion… and avoid putting holes in the walls.
Add height to statement furniture. Rest art on a credenza or dresser for visual impact.
Create depth and dimension by leaning framed artworks against the wall. Mix in your favourite décor elements to amplify the effect.
Prop up an oversized piece to connect adjacent spaces. Life-sized art is the perfect
conversation starter.

#4 Canvas

One decision,
decorate an entire wall.

An easy solution
Affordable prices
Get a clean, modern look
Try this easy solution for the wall above a couch, credenza or bed.
Get a clean, modern look with multi-paneled artwork that makes a statement.
Affordable prices that deliver on vivid detail and rich texture. Enough said.


Double is no trouble when choosing
art for a room with two beds.

Think Big
How low can you go?
Stagger the art
Share your passions
Place a large artwork between two beds to make a statement. Add art of different heights and sizes to both sides to complete the look.
With headboards, keep artworks just about ten centimetres above for a unified look. If no headboards, leave enough room to prop a pillow or two against the wall with several centimetres to spare.
Stagger the art to allow your gallery wall to grow over time.
For a guest room, inspire your visitors through art. For kids’ rooms, let them select what they love. An eclectic mix of three to seven images can tell
a story.

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